The time was about 8:00 pm in Oceanside , California.  I was using my tripod and wide angle lens on my 70D Canon camera.  The sunset turned into the most amazing blaze of color! I was really enjoying the view and snapping images.

All of a sudden, a girl stepped to the side of my camera view.  Her boyfriend was taking a cell image.  It was totally a flickr shot, quite by accident, but I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried. Didn’t move my tripod or change settings.  Sometimes things happen for the best.  I kind of like the results of their actions.  Wish I knew who they were so I could give them a print!

Hope you are having a great day! Thank you for the visit.

ps  This image had very little post editing.  The sky was ablaze!  Really! What beauty we live in if we take time to see it!



What brought happiness to you as a child?  I loved art and art lessons.  Today while on an RV trip, we went into a country hardware store.  In the back of the store, a local art teacher was giving a free art lesson using chalk as her media. The class was given for local children that were interested.  I stood by and watched and waited.  I wanted to join the activity so I ask the teacher if I could join and she said, ” Yes.”

Well, usually, I am too busy to do something like this, but I took the time and join in with the fun.  The experience made me feel happy .  There was joy in the creating even though my creation was juvenile as best. So, what did I learn today?  Think about things that make you happy, or used to make you happy, and do them!  Ha Ha..even if the result isn’t to exciting, the “journey” was fun!  So be it!



So, my thought for the day is, you will have a happy Mother’s Day if you have good children.  I wish all the Mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day and good children.

I am blessed, thank you!


Worth Saving


Butterflies are “Eye Candy” to me.  How beautiful they are as they flit here and there giving us great beauty and joy.  My hope is that my grandchildren and their children will be able to enjoy the beauty, too.  Nature is worth saving and protecting!  We all must do our part now to save wildlife and nature for next generations to enjoy and cherish. I hope my images will help the cause in some way.

Thank you for stopping by.




Walk On Beach


While visiting Maui, Hawaii  recently, I took this snapshot.  Interestingly, I had decided not to take my good camera and long lens which is usually my mainstay.  I wanted to travel light and not check any bags.  I took my little Olympus Stylus camera which is water proof, drop proof and quite tough for traveling and such.

Of course when I was over on Maui, I wished every day that I had brought my good camera.  Anyway, I had what I had and snapped this image while visiting the shore.  Technically, it isn’t the quality that I would have liked but the spirit of the image came through for me. It is a keeper for my memory book!

Hope you keep on shooting images no matter what camera you have, although having a good lens would have been better, possibly and probably.  Just a thought along the way..

Thank you for your views and comments throughout the years.  For those that are still with me or interested in stopping by,  I will share another “Thought Along the Way “with you.
I have been reading a Little Book of Aloha by Renata Provenzano. It is a sweet book with many good thoughts and ideas. One thought she shared is “He ali’l ka’ aina; He kauwa ke kanaka….The land is a chief; man is its servant.” by Mary Kawena Pukui.”  Renata shared that we are not superior to our earth but stewards of the land and the ocean… I wish we all were of that mind set and took care of our land and seas better. I am very concerned about what we are doing to our water and land.
Just a thought along the way… I want the birds to be able to continue swimming in clean nutrious water and our grandchildren to be able to enjoy the fruits of our good earth and water, too. We all need to help protect our resources for sure.  In a small way, I hope to contribute with this effort with my blogs and pictures for you in hopes we will be more aware of this important necessity.  Who knows, it might make a difference.two white pelicans

About the Birds


Last week, I had the good fortune to see a wonderful collection of birds visiting Blackpoint Rd on Merritt Island, Florida.   There were such a variety present and they were giving the photographers a very fun day to witness them.  Attached are a few shots to give you an idea of what we saw.


A joy to behold…Happy New Year and happy shooting…photography of course…




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