I am a photographer that has always loved shooting wildlife in color and in a natural setting . With this political and pandemic situation that we are living in today, I am starting to see things in black and white instead of color. Isn’t this crazy?

I am finding out more about the contrasts and light that is part of our lives and actions. It will always be, but by putting the differences together, great things can happen. This is my hope, that someway we can come together to form something beautiful as this black and white image signifies.

Just my Thoughts Along The Way…have a good day. Wish you and yours safety and to stay well.

This little artist is having to stay home in this pandemic. As a previous first grade teacher, I can see so much in her artwork. First, she is doing OK and has a good happy attitude about life at this moment in time. She is able to concentrate and stay focused on her activity. Her snowman is happy, so she probably is as well.

It is amazing how resilient children are in adverse situations. They make the most of it and do the best they can.

I am impressed and proud of her. She is a winner and will get through this dire situation that we all face together. We can learn a lot from our children. Do you agree?

The Finished Snowwoman….she has a big heart!

Fake Guardian

While on a road trip we noticed an owl sitting in the daylight on a power post by the side of the road. I thought this was strange in the middle of the day, but yelled at my husband to turn around, “There is an owl on the power post! I want to take a picture”!

In great hast, I rushed to the scene, careful not to frighten the owl away. I gradually crept closer and closer but the owl never moved which was strange….I pointed my long lens at the bird and bang, I got the image! Ha ha What a surprise!

Mallards Visit

I was walking along the road and found a small pond. The pond was visited by mallard ducks probably resting from their travels.

The female was so pretty that the drake could not resist visiting her.
He could not resist asking if she would like to fly off with him.
And, so they did.

With this in mind, I wish them well. Safe travels, I said as they flew away.

The old man fished and the heron looked on.

The old man offered his new friend a snack.
The heron said, “Thank you.” and enjoyed his snack.
Then, the cycle started again.

What’s Next

After Hurricane Sally struck the Gulf Coast of Florida, September, 2020, I visited the coast. I saw a boat with the name ,”What’s Next” that had been thrown on the shore by the hurricane and left among hurricane debris and other heartbreaking discards.

Seeing this, it lead me to the thought of what is next? Just food for thought on many levels and different areas of concerns this year…What’s Next!

Take care and be safe.

You Matter

Yesterday, we drove by a church that welcoming all people with a sign outside saying , “You Matter”. I loved seeing the sign, even though I did not go or plan to go to that church, I appreciated the thought.

With this in mind, I also, saw a unique looking horse on a recent trip. Relating to the “You Matter” thought that the church displayed, I thought about the horse’s unique look and how beautiful she was. Different, Yes…but unique and beautiful just the same. She was a special horse that mattered.

Concluding that we are all beautiful in our own way and unique as well, like this horse is. We all matter. You matter. Enough said.

Thank you for stopping by. Just thoughts along the way.

While RVing for a few months trying to get away from all the virus prone places, we happened upon a Wildlife Refuge that we had never heard of in the State of  Washington. The Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge was named after early pioneer Cyrus Turnbull and it was set aside as a refuge in 1937.

We had no expectations as to what we might see, but were so happy that a mother moose and baby appeared for a shot visit ,as well as a nesting pair of Trumpeter Swans! I was able to capture a quick snapshot before they disappeared.

I give thanks that wildlife conservation is important to some folks,  and that those people have made every effort to allow folks like me the opportunity to enjoy nature. Thank you!

The place was Red Cliff, Montana.  The time was July, 2020. We were camping under the stars when we were fortunate to see the Milky Way!  I tried to capture the beauty and the awe.  What a special treat for my husband and I.  It was a very humbling experience and certainly puts life in perspective.  I certainly give thanks for this moment.

Thank you for stopping by.

The butterflies flitted here and there from flower to flower.  The sun was shinning and the day was cool.  As all this was happening the cardinal stood by silently gazing at the action with little reaction at all.

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