Field of Yellow


While visiting Williams, AZ, I found a field of yellow in the countryside.  For many years I had envisioned a field of yellow in my mind’s eye.  When I saw this field,  I had to photograph it because it was so uplifting to me. The camera was handheld using a 100 to 400 mm lens on a windy day, but you can get an idea of the beauty that I saw.


IMG_1000-2Thank you for stopping by to view my world on this beautiful AZ day in August, 2018.



I had the good fortune to go shooting with photographers Scott Helfrich and Kevan Sunderland this week.  Not only were these folks very nice, they are published photographers of exceptional talent and skills.

I took several friends and we headed out in a platoon boat with our guides to a special spot where the swallow tails were nesting.  We saw many birds displaying many behaviors.  Some were nesting. IMG_9744

Others were skimming the water, flying high, and doing what birds do.

To make a long story short,  I can not thank my famous photographers enough for letting us enjoy nature with them, and seeing the swallow-tail kites in their special environment.  What a treat! I recommend it to everyone!

Smiley Face in the Trees.jpg

My husband and were outside. We looked up and saw a smiley face smiling down from the tree a short distance away.  It is interesting what we see when we look. Nature is full of surprises. This was one of those surprises.  Still is making me smile.

I actually think I was looking with my heart though.  Sometimes we see what we want to see.



Alligator Gliding By Me

Sometimes trouble can be lurking in calm waters as this image shows. So, be wise and be careful as you enter calm waters, you might just meet up with an alligator who is waiting to eat you up!  We can not be too careful these days but we also need to put our concerns  in perspective.  There are some things that we need to “Let Be” and enjoy from distance not getting too close.



Totally StokedLife is like ocean waves that keep rolling in; some knock you down, some roll by, and others you just play in.  No matter what happens you just need to stand right back up and face the next wave of life, both good and bad.  The ocean and being in the waves is just part of the ocean experience.  Such is life,  life rolls in like the waves, enjoy what you can, learn not to go into waves that will knock you down or drown you, and enjoy the ride.  Just my thought for today….


IMG_4637-EditReflection and the Redish EgretMeeting a few friends early in the morning started my photo shoot.  We climbed in Donna’s SUV and away we went to Blackpoint Rd at the Merritt Island National Seashore.  Other photographers had beat us there, but their presents showed us the way to the birds.  A very notable bird, Reddish Egret,  performed for us and caught our attention for a while before heading on down the road for a look at other Winter Birds visiting the  area.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and was delighted to bring back a few interesting images of the Reddish Egret in Action.  Shooting photography is my kind of hunting.



Whistler's Family on PondFor so many years I have been taking pictures of this and that.  Photography has always be a great interest to me.  Now I have collected thousands of images and it is time to start going back and revisiting shots as possible.  I have a lifetime of work ahead of me and will have plenty to do for the rest of my life just revisiting my photographs and updating them. Not only will it be useful, but will give me great pleasure “Being There Again” with my revisit of my archive  images.

For example,  this month I looked back and found a couple of shots that I could use now.  These are shots that I passed up thinking they were not good a few years ago.  Today with upgraded editing,  I can turn yesterday’s lemons, into today’s lemonade.  Ha ha…ho ho ho..Oh, what fun is this!  The above image is a sample of one of my archive shots with a special message to you and yours.  Wishing you the best in the New Year as well!



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