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On a RV trip traveling down Hwy 395 from Reno going South, we stopped at RV Camp that had a Pet Graveyard close by.   I was very drawn to this little graveyard.   It just felt spiritual.  As I approached the area,  I realized that it was a very special spot for sure.  I certainly felt the love that was buried there.  The sign above tells the story of one of the pets buried in the this special place.  Having had several wonderful dogs for pets, it certainly hurts when they leave us.  I feel the love and I feel the loss.  God Bless their Souls.  ps.  I do not know what that light and mist is in this picture on the right…Maybe the doggy spirits were playing with me.


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Run through Redlands 314_edited-1Run through Redlands Up the Hill_edited-1
America at its best…The Cross Fitness Group was pushing about a 800 pound sleigh through the town of Redlands at the annual, “Run Through Redlands” today. They did this at the 5K walk in honor and remembrance of those lost and hurt at the Boston Marathon. Cross Fitness members called this event, “Pushing for Boston”…This was very touching to see. To walk beside them was so powerful to me as well. When one member was tired of pushing, another member took their place. It was really beautiful… This was a very spiritual event for sure….more than a walk…

Fitness Sleigh_edited-1

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So Many Windmills_edited-2

In California, we love green energy. So what do we do, build windmills to harness “free energy’ from the air. This process cost an arm and leg, I’m told, but well worth the effort producing good clean energy and saving our planets resources.

Now, the environmentalist are happy about the green energy that is capture, but unfortunately other environmentalist are up in arms about the eagles that fly by and are hurt or killed by the rotating blades of the windmills. It seems, we can not win for losing out here. I do feel bad for the eagles. They need to be protected for sure, but where is the thin line?

Life sure get complicated…If the windmills air could be reversed and blow the eagles away from the blades someway, that might help this situation….Maybe they could put a safety net around the blades like they do for boat propellers to save sea animals such as the manatees and seals… There must be a way to save the eagles and have green energy at the same time….

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Hummingbird Visiting the Bird of Paridise

The other day, while visiting Lake O’Neil, CA, we parked our RV near some Bird of Paradise bushes. As I sat there enjoying the view, a hummingbird came and visited the bush. Being the photographer that I am, I went directly into the camper, and got my long lens and camera. Then, I went back outside and sat there waiting for the hummer to come back for another drink of nectar. Pretty soon, he returned and I was able to snap this image. I sure enjoyed taking a few moments to focus on the beauty of the moment and capture this shot.

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The other day while traveling through the snowy mountains, I snapped some shots as we drove down the road. We were trying to get across the mountain before the next storm hit us. Some of the sights were so beautiful, but unfortunately we couldn’t stop. Being a frustrated photographer, I decided to try out my new wide-angle lens from a moving car. (The lens is a Tokina SD 11-16 f 2.8). I was pleasantly surprised at the results…

Shot From Moving Car




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After the storm the sun comes out…..

With this in mind, I dedicate this photo to those that have gone through the storm of loosing loved ones. I hope the sun will shine for you again one day. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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The other day I went looking for some Fall leaves.  In Southern California, this can be a feat.   To my happiness, I found some and took a few photos.    I hope you enjoy them as much as I did….

I also, happened upon some pretty purple wildflowers near my Fall leaves….Both the leaves and flowers made my day.   Hope that you like them as well.   Have a good one!

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