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Marathon Morning…Going Fishing…….

The other day we had the good fortune to go fishing with Captain Jimmy on his fishing vessel, High Caliber. The seas were rough, but off we went determined to catch some fish in the early morning hours.


Waves and Splashes

As the good Lord granted, we caught black fin tuna and lots of Mangrove Snapper.


Welcome Aboard!

We were happy fishermen/women.

When we arrived back to the dock we learned that the Tiki Bar had a great chief, and if you “hooked ’em, he would cook ’em”.   So the next day, we took some tuna to him to fix for us for a special luncheon, and it was delicious!!! Good for the heart and the soul….Blackened Tuna That We Caught.jpg

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who needs to do something extraordinary.

I feel blessed for sure.


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Happy Fourth of July, Folks….Have a good one.

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This picture was taken last evening….I couldn’t believe that the heron let me get so close…The sad thing is that when you look very close, you will see fishing line attached to the bird….This made me totally sad.   We, who fish, need to do better and dispose of old line so the birds don’t suffer from our bad habits and lazyness…Just a thought….

The line is hard to see but it is there.  Look on the body and down the right leg.

Hopefully, this humble post will make a difference and cause someone to dispose their fishing lines correctly and not hurt the bird.

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Well, I must say, I’ve got a lot to learn about photography, but just when I think I know a bit about it, I find out how little I know.  I have a flickr friend or two that take wonderful photos that I greatly admire. Often they use neutral density filters with great success.  So, off to the store I went and bought my first ND filter for my 400 lens.

My results were not what I expected, due to camera setting and adjustments.   The focus was off , but the colors are nice due to the filter.   Not my best photo, but one to learn from.

Anyway, I won’t give up.  I think something good will come from my fumbling.

One friend suggested that I read about these filters.  He even gave me a website article on the subject which I found  very interesting and inspiring.  Seeing what the author has accomplished with these filters was awesome to read and see.  So, if you have the time and want to see some awesome photography, check it out.   I know I will be using the article as a good resource for information….Hopefully, my photography will improve as well.  The site is mentioned below….cool information for sure…..


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“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

Esther De Waal, Seeking God, The way of St Benedict

I think she has a point!  Her words make sence to me and I appreciate her way of thinking.

Have a good day.

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After posting this photo on my flickr account, one of my contacts asked how did I cook the fish…Well, Folks, here is the secret recipe.  🙂

1.   Catch the fish and keep it on ice.   Filet the fish with one side of skin attached.  Heat the barbecue to medium heat.

2.   Place the fish filets on the hot grill that is greased.   Cook about 5 minutes per side depending on the thickness of your fish.   Cook until the meat is white and will flake with a fork.

3.  Brush the delicious fish with a mixture of butter and fresh squeezed lemon juice fresh from your tree (  if you are so fortunate)

4.  Eat and enjoy….How easy is that????Good luck!

Serve with fresh garden vegetables…and a peach cobbler (top with vanilla ice cream)

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