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The other day the beautiful swallowtail butterfly came for a visit in my lantana flower garden. The butterfly was in all his or her glory. The graceful entrance and flight around the garden held my attention for a while, Then, I brought my long lens out and tried to capture the moment. What joy to see the beauty and to capture a bit of it in my camera. It was a happy day and I give thanks for it.

Hope you will catch sight of something beautiful today and hold it close to your heart. We need beauty to focus on in these trying times of ours.

Take care readers and hope you have a nice day!


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While visiting Lake Hodges, CA in February 2022, I heard of the interesting birds called the Grebes. When courting, the birds appear to walk on water together and I wanted to see this! So, I went and waited for some action! Lo and behold, I saw what I was there for and was absolutely delighted.

The Grebes were some distance from me but with my trusty Canon camera and 400 lens, I was able to get close enough to capture the above image.

I was nice to be at the right place at the right time. I certainly enjoyed watching the Grebes in action and they did not disappoint me at all! Nature is Grand!

Thank you for stopping by.

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This little artist is having to stay home in this pandemic. As a previous first grade teacher, I can see so much in her artwork. First, she is doing OK and has a good happy attitude about life at this moment in time. She is able to concentrate and stay focused on her activity. Her snowman is happy, so she probably is as well.

It is amazing how resilient children are in adverse situations. They make the most of it and do the best they can.

I am impressed and proud of her. She is a winner and will get through this dire situation that we all face together. We can learn a lot from our children. Do you agree?

The Finished Snowwoman….she has a big heart!

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The butterflies flitted here and there from flower to flower.  The sun was shinning and the day was cool.  As all this was happening the cardinal stood by silently gazing at the action with little reaction at all.

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As I sit here at my computer, the reality of the corona virus settles more deeply in to my life.  A neighbor’s daughter has a confirmed case, so it is hitting our neighborhood and the worst is yet to come I am afraid to say.

So, we will try our best to avoid social contact and stay home as much as possible. The reality is that we all will be exposed eventually.  We will hope for the best outcome and the safety of our families and friends.

On a more upbeat note, this isolation period has given me time to write a blog and share some beautiful places in Florida that I have had the good fortune to visit earlier in the year.  I will share a few spots with you.


This is Blue Cypress Lake.  There are many birds and old Florida beauty there.  I was thrilled to visit and go with “Steve” our local guide for the day.

So Many Egrets

Another place I visited for photography was Joe Overstreet Landing.  We again went out in a small boat to look for wildlife and birds but it was just pretty walking around the landing.


The Snail Kites had migrated to the area, so that was a special treat to see as well.067A6620

Of course closer to home was Merritt  Island which is just down the road from us and usually we can find something to shoot. A few days this winter, we really lucked out and saw an eagle praying ( Probably preening ) and an owl with chick nesting.

Hopefully, there will be more fun shoots in the future.  It is always so fun to get outside and enjoy the views.

Take care everyone, and BE SAFE!

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The time was about 8:00 pm in Oceanside , California.  I was using my tripod and wide angle lens on my 70D Canon camera.  The sunset turned into the most amazing blaze of color! I was really enjoying the view and snapping images.

All of a sudden, a girl stepped to the side of my camera view.  Her boyfriend was taking a cell image.  It was totally a flickr shot, quite by accident, but I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried. Didn’t move my tripod or change settings.  Sometimes things happen for the best.  I kind of like the results of their actions.  Wish I knew who they were so I could give them a print!

Hope you are having a great day! Thank you for the visit.

ps  This image had very little post editing.  The sky was ablaze!  Really! What beauty we live in if we take time to see it!


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While visiting Maui, Hawaii  recently, I took this snapshot.  Interestingly, I had decided not to take my good camera and long lens which is usually my mainstay.  I wanted to travel light and not check any bags.  I took my little Olympus Stylus camera which is water proof, drop proof and quite tough for traveling and such.

Of course when I was over on Maui, I wished every day that I had brought my good camera.  Anyway, I had what I had and snapped this image while visiting the shore.  Technically, it isn’t the quality that I would have liked but the spirit of the image came through for me. It is a keeper for my memory book!

Hope you keep on shooting images no matter what camera you have, although having a good lens would have been better, possibly and probably.  Just a thought along the way..

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Monarch VisitTwo Monnarchs on the Branches

While visiting the Gulf Coast recently, we were fortunate to witness the Monarch Butterflies passing by.  What a joy to see the flittering of the orange wings as they tank up on nectar for their continued journey South.  I am amazed at their journey and their beauty.  Am certainly feeling blessed to have been at the right place at the right time to view a bit of their historic journey.

Thank you for stopping by.

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While visiting Williams, AZ, I found a field of yellow in the countryside.  For many years I had envisioned a field of yellow in my mind’s eye.  When I saw this field,  I had to photograph it because it was so uplifting to me. The camera was handheld using a 100 to 400 mm lens on a windy day, but you can get an idea of the beauty that I saw.


IMG_1000-2Thank you for stopping by to view my world on this beautiful AZ day in August, 2018.

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I had the good fortune to go shooting with photographers Scott Helfrich and Kevan Sunderland this week.  Not only were these folks very nice, they are published photographers of exceptional talent and skills.

I took several friends and we headed out in a platoon boat with our guides to a special spot where the swallow tails were nesting.  We saw many birds displaying many behaviors.  Some were nesting. IMG_9744

Others were skimming the water, flying high, and doing what birds do.

To make a long story short,  I can not thank my famous photographers enough for letting us enjoy nature with them, and seeing the swallow-tail kites in their special environment.  What a treat! I recommend it to everyone!

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