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God Bless.jpgThere are times when you just loose interest or have a hard time getting motivated to take pictures.   Yes, folks would ask me to take pictures of this or that event,  but just photographing for the fun of it was starting to run dry.  I just couldn’t get motivated and would leave my camera at home.

Finally, something clicked again when I bought some pretty tulips at the grocery store.  I took a picture of the tulips.  The tulips were beautiful, and so was my picture!  Later that week, I went to an airshow that proved to be exciting and I captured a few more fun shots.  Last, I went out to the dock and found some birds to shoot.

Spring Tulips On My Table

Well, I am excited again about photography.  Am even  going to buy a Sigma 17 -70 F2.8-4 lens tomorrow!  It feels good.

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“Congratulations!  You have won the 3rd place award in our New Smyrna Beach 2017 directory cover contest which pays $50!  We feature the top three places in the contest in our directory.”

Well, was I surprised and thankful for the recognition.  So,  I am going to be a published photographer with my image, ” Super Moon and Bridge Lights”.  How about that!

Funny thing is,  I had seen this image in my mind`s eye, but just never had the right moon and timing before.  When that moon rose so brightly, November 11, 2016, I knew there was a picture to be taken.  So I got my tripod and camera, jumped in my car, found a open spot, and started snapping images.  I had to try many setting to make it happen, but was pleased with the results.

Hope you like it as well.  Thank you for stopping by.



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This morning as I walked away from the beach,  I notice some color change in the vegetation along the path home.  For some reason, the leaves and soft light caught my eye so, I took this image.

As the day progressed, I kept thinking about the leaves that I had seen.  Yes, they were not the most colorful Fall leaves that I had ever seen, and yet, they were beautiful to me.  I started relating the changing of the leaves to the lifespan of people.  Yes, as we age, we are not as colorful as we used to be, but it is OK.   We have our cycle of life, as the leaves do.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thank you for stopping by….just thoughts along the way.

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On a recent RV trip to Rocky Mountain National Park,  we had the good fortune to see a few animals in nature which was good for my heart and soul.  To see nature continuing to produce and grow, gives me hope for the future.  It is my desire by posting these images that folks will be incline to help do their part with ecology and protecting the world we live in.  My greatest wish is that in some way, I can help with this dream and better the world

in some way while I am here on earth. Hopefully, my Grandchildren and their Grandchildren will have the opportunity to enjoy nature as we do.Canadian Goose......jpgJust some thoughts along the way…I hope you have a wonderful day.  Thank you for stopping by.

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Marathon Morning…Going Fishing…….

The other day we had the good fortune to go fishing with Captain Jimmy on his fishing vessel, High Caliber. The seas were rough, but off we went determined to catch some fish in the early morning hours.


Waves and Splashes

As the good Lord granted, we caught black fin tuna and lots of Mangrove Snapper.


Welcome Aboard!

We were happy fishermen/women.

When we arrived back to the dock we learned that the Tiki Bar had a great chief, and if you “hooked ’em, he would cook ’em”.   So the next day, we took some tuna to him to fix for us for a special luncheon, and it was delicious!!! Good for the heart and the soul….Blackened Tuna That We Caught.jpg

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who needs to do something extraordinary.

I feel blessed for sure.

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The other day,  I had the good fortune of going to Merritt Island to photograph and attend several workshops at at the  Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville, Florida.  I was there from sunrise to sunset, and what a day it was!  One of my instructors, Milton Heiberg, mentioned that you need to love your subject more than your camera.  I have given this a lot of thought and see the wisdom in the words.

With those words in mind, I will share a few shots that I took while looking through my lens at subjects that I love.    The sunrise, sunset, and the birds: Spoonbills, American Avocets,  and White pelicans totally turned me on!  Ha ha..White Pelicans, Avocets and Spoonbills.......jpg

There is something to be said about loving your subject when photographing something.  When you love your subject,  it will show in your work, I think. I hope you can see the love I have for nature and joy that you can receive in just being there.  Thank you for stopping by to share the beauty with me.  Have a great day!

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Milkweed Dispersing Seeds....

Yesterday,  I noticed seeds being dispersed by my milkweed plant.   I ran in the house and got my camera, and decided to use my old 50 mm lens for this shot.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised at the result.  The image was a close up with nice detail.  The bokeh in the back of the seeds really helped the subject POP, I think.  It had been a long time since I had used my 50 mm lens, but I think it is time to bring it out of the closet and start using it again.  Even though it has no image stabilization or zoom,  I just love this lens.  Am so glad to be reconnected to it!

Have a great day!

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