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View of Milkyway...I had the good fortune to see the Milky Way  on a hillside in Arizona.  This was a first attempt at sky night photography.  It was so awesome just seeing the stars and witness the grandeur of our universe.   Anyway, I hope that you are safe and having a good day where ever you are.


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Yesterday,  I had the wonderful opportunity to go shooting with a friend.  We went to a place that I had never been before, Lake Apopka, Florida.  It is the third largest lake in Florida full of interesting sights and wildlife.  I look forward to making a return trip soon!  Here are a few images that we saw. It was good to be out looking at nature and feeling it’s presence.  Nature is good and good for you.  Thank you for stopping by.

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Bird of Paridise After the RainThere are times in a photographer’s  life when inspiration is low and we have a hard time getting motivated to photograph.  I have recently been in that situation.  Life got in the way and photography was just not the highest priority for me.

Yesterday after a hard rain in our area,  I thought that I needed to go for a walk.  I grabbed my camera just for the company.  Well,  as I walked,  I looked around me for something to photograph and focus on.  It was like my camera was my best friend.  Ha Ha.. (Sounds weird, doesn’t it.)  My camera was my walking partner.

Low and behold,  I found some beautiful Bird of Paradise blooming that were fresh and colorful that were located just around the corner from our house.  So, I took the lens cap off the camera and began to shoot.  I shot this way and that way, trying to capture what I was looking at. I was lost in concentration and focus.  It felt good and actually got a few images that I was pleased with.

When I walked home,  I had accomplished my daily 10,00 steps and captured a few pretty images.  Walking with my camera was rewarding and I’m ready to do this again real soon.

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Having just read a book about Ansel Adams by Beverely Gherman,  I read that he was often criticized for not including people in his images. He would reply that there are always two people in his images,  the photographer and the viewer.  I have been asked that same question.

When I take a picture, it is a personal decision to take the picture at that given place and time.   Later,  the image is for me to share, should I feel like it, and the viewer’s decision  to look at it, should they desire.  Two people are in each picture, you and me. Makes sense to me!  How do you feel about this?

Ansel Adams, not only were you a master photographer, but I greatly admire your words. Your thoughts live on as well!  Thank you kindly!

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While being in the Keys enjoying a few days R&R, I couldn’t help but notice the boat with all the American flags around it.  Not only was a new dawn rising, but the spirit of the boat owner was realized at the same time.   Someone was very proud to be an American or to be in America. Made me wonder what he/she had been through to produce such a patriotic display. No matter,  it was good to see. I would like to see more positive displays of  America.  It is hard to understand a contrasting opinion.

Sunrise at Marathon

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God Bless.jpgThere are times when you just loose interest or have a hard time getting motivated to take pictures.   Yes, folks would ask me to take pictures of this or that event,  but just photographing for the fun of it was starting to run dry.  I just couldn’t get motivated and would leave my camera at home.

Finally, something clicked again when I bought some pretty tulips at the grocery store.  I took a picture of the tulips.  The tulips were beautiful, and so was my picture!  Later that week, I went to an airshow that proved to be exciting and I captured a few more fun shots.  Last, I went out to the dock and found some birds to shoot.

Spring Tulips On My Table

Well, I am excited again about photography.  Am even  going to buy a Sigma 17 -70 F2.8-4 lens tomorrow!  It feels good.

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“Congratulations!  You have won the 3rd place award in our New Smyrna Beach 2017 directory cover contest which pays $50!  We feature the top three places in the contest in our directory.”

Well, was I surprised and thankful for the recognition.  So,  I am going to be a published photographer with my image, ” Super Moon and Bridge Lights”.  How about that!

Funny thing is,  I had seen this image in my mind`s eye, but just never had the right moon and timing before.  When that moon rose so brightly, November 11, 2016, I knew there was a picture to be taken.  So I got my tripod and camera, jumped in my car, found a open spot, and started snapping images.  I had to try many setting to make it happen, but was pleased with the results.

Hope you like it as well.  Thank you for stopping by.



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