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God Bless.jpgThere are times when you just loose interest or have a hard time getting motivated to take pictures.   Yes, folks would ask me to take pictures of this or that event,  but just photographing for the fun of it was starting to run dry.  I just couldn’t get motivated and would leave my camera at home.

Finally, something clicked again when I bought some pretty tulips at the grocery store.  I took a picture of the tulips.  The tulips were beautiful, and so was my picture!  Later that week, I went to an airshow that proved to be exciting and I captured a few more fun shots.  Last, I went out to the dock and found some birds to shoot.

Spring Tulips On My Table

Well, I am excited again about photography.  Am even  going to buy a Sigma 17 -70 F2.8-4 lens tomorrow!  It feels good.


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Morning View,  Merritt Islnad

The other morning I rose early and went to Merritt Island.   I wasn’t disappointed.  The sun rose in all it`s glory above the water and mangrove bushes.

On the Track Spoonbill Fly By.....Birds on the Run.....

Birds were everywhere, doing what birds do.  Wildflowers delighted our very souls.


Happy days continued to roll as this one exploded with vigor and great joy!

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How often do we take the time to take a closer view of  life?  There is beauty all around us.   It is there for the viewing, but you have to open your eyes in order to see it.  As a photographer, capturing the beauty  is a mission in my life.  I think I found some beauty in these beautiful yellow hibiscus that I saw in my neighborhood.    Being able to share the beauty with you, makes it  worth the effort of taking the picture.   Simple beauty is a great thing indeed.

Closer View... Yellow Hibiscus.........

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WildflowersToday we were listen to a song sung by Dolly Parton   The song was about wildflowers being uprooted and transplanted.  As we both listened, we got tears in our eyes which is amazing because my husband doesn’t get teary eyed too often.   It sounded like she was singing to us.  It is funny how songs affect you at various times in your lives.  It was very pretty.  Feel free to listen to it if you would like to…


Have a good day…I think music is the icing on the cake of life.    Just a thought for today.Wildflower in Menphis Wildflower in Purple Wildflower Wildflowers and layered Background..._edited-1Wildflowers and pretty pictures are not bad either!

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Hummingbird Visiting the Bird of Paridise

The other day, while visiting Lake O’Neil, CA, we parked our RV near some Bird of Paradise bushes. As I sat there enjoying the view, a hummingbird came and visited the bush. Being the photographer that I am, I went directly into the camper, and got my long lens and camera. Then, I went back outside and sat there waiting for the hummer to come back for another drink of nectar. Pretty soon, he returned and I was able to snap this image. I sure enjoyed taking a few moments to focus on the beauty of the moment and capture this shot.

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Nothing like finding a flower photo that you photographed long ago, and bringing it back to life…..That is what happened with this  image.   I can not believe that I didn’t appreciate the beauty the first time around.   Isn’t that how it is at times….So, here is some sunshine for you and a good old song to go with it.

Peace…and sunny days to you!

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Wow, I just don’t know where to start today.   I have so many things to be thankful for, I don’t know where to begin.   I will not bore you with all the details of my life, but life is good and it is a joy to be here writing this blog.  I feel the presence of loved ones both that are in my life now, and those that have gone before me.   They are all with me and it feels so fine.     Well, blessings to all that read this little blog.   I hope your heart is full and you enjoy each minute of it with gusto and great joy.   Take care and be blessed by the little things in life.   They matter, too.

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