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On a RV trip traveling down Hwy 395 from Reno going South, we stopped at RV Camp that had a Pet Graveyard close by.   I was very drawn to this little graveyard.   It just felt spiritual.  As I approached the area,  I realized that it was a very special spot for sure.  I certainly felt the love that was buried there.  The sign above tells the story of one of the pets buried in the this special place.  Having had several wonderful dogs for pets, it certainly hurts when they leave us.  I feel the love and I feel the loss.  God Bless their Souls.  ps.  I do not know what that light and mist is in this picture on the right…Maybe the doggy spirits were playing with me.


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Run through Redlands 314_edited-1Run through Redlands Up the Hill_edited-1
America at its best…The Cross Fitness Group was pushing about a 800 pound sleigh through the town of Redlands at the annual, “Run Through Redlands” today. They did this at the 5K walk in honor and remembrance of those lost and hurt at the Boston Marathon. Cross Fitness members called this event, “Pushing for Boston”…This was very touching to see. To walk beside them was so powerful to me as well. When one member was tired of pushing, another member took their place. It was really beautiful… This was a very spiritual event for sure….more than a walk…

Fitness Sleigh_edited-1

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So Many Windmills_edited-2

In California, we love green energy. So what do we do, build windmills to harness “free energy’ from the air. This process cost an arm and leg, I’m told, but well worth the effort producing good clean energy and saving our planets resources.

Now, the environmentalist are happy about the green energy that is capture, but unfortunately other environmentalist are up in arms about the eagles that fly by and are hurt or killed by the rotating blades of the windmills. It seems, we can not win for losing out here. I do feel bad for the eagles. They need to be protected for sure, but where is the thin line?

Life sure get complicated…If the windmills air could be reversed and blow the eagles away from the blades someway, that might help this situation….Maybe they could put a safety net around the blades like they do for boat propellers to save sea animals such as the manatees and seals… There must be a way to save the eagles and have green energy at the same time….

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The other evening I joined a group of folks from the Redlands Camera Club that  went to the Mission Inn, Riverside, CA. to photograph the Festival of Lights. 




 The Mission Inn is a sight to see  in Southern California.  Not only is the Mission Inn a very historical building that Presidents (Benjamin Harrison,  William McKinley,  Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft,  Herbert Hoover, John Fitzgerald Kennedy,  Gerald Ford,  George W. Bush, and  Richard Nixon.  Pat and Richard Nixon were married there!), social leaders ( Susan  B. Anthony,  Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, Collis and Henry Huntington, Albert Einstein, Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst, Hubert H. Bancroft, Harry Chandler, Booker T. Washington, Helen Keller, and John Muir), and other celebrities (Raquel Welsh, Barbara Streisand, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, and the list goes on and on)  have frequented the Mission over the years, but it  still  is a  well persevered National treasure that many normal regular  folks, like me, can  appreciate and enjoy today.

It is especially beautiful during the holidays when the Mission holds  the Festival of Lights.   I have tried to capture the display to share with you on this blog.  I used my trusty, Canon Rebel EOS T2i with various lens.   A tripod was necessary for the evening shoot.  I also, used a setting for white balance for tungsten lights and ISO 100 when possible.   During the shoot, I found it necessary to shoot various settings to get the desired results.  Night photography is a challenge for me at this stage of the game….

For your knowledge,  the Mission Inn is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historical Places, U.S. National Historical Landmark and as a California Historical Landmark.   The location is 3649 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside CA.  It was built-in 1902 and has multiple types of architect but mostly Mission/ Spanish.  It is now privately owned.

The last photo shows  the large clock overlooking the courtyard in the Spanish wings.  It is a grand medieval-style clock .

I could go on and on about this place,but will stop for now.  Hope you enjoy the photographs….

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Well, I don’t know about you but I am craving nature these day.  Beauty is all around us for sure but we have to get out to see it.   I think I am actually giving myself a pep talk, because I am dying to go back to some of my favorite wildlife places such as Merritt island, Florida,  Yellowstone and the Teton’s.  The reality is that we have to stay home for a while for various reasons including economic at this time.  So, discounting the aggravations of real life, I can go outside in my neighborhood and see some pretty amazing sights as well, such as birds, vegetation, and pretty flowers.  In reality, I am feeling pretty rich and uplifted with the local sights that I am seeing but I do wish a big moose would stick his head in our back yard some day.  

Have a good one!

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