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Nature photography is amazing and to share the experience with other likeminded friends is amazing. When I look though my camera lens and see the beauty that surrounds us, I can forget about everything else going on in the world. In that moment I can experience the joy and beauty of our good earth. Do not ever take nature for granted. It is one of our greatest gifts given to us in this lifetime of ours.

That is all I have to say about that!

Have a good day!

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On a trip to Blue Cypress Lake, FL, we had the good fortune to see a Barred Owl in a tree.

The bird had a sleepy look but was very alert noticing our where abouts at all times. She/He kept an eye on us. We were respectful and for a short time we just enjoyed each other’s company.

After a few minutes, our time together was over, and we went back to separate lives. It was OK.

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The old man fished and the heron looked on.

The old man offered his new friend a snack.
The heron said, “Thank you.” and enjoyed his snack.
Then, the cycle started again.

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God Bless.jpgThere are times when you just loose interest or have a hard time getting motivated to take pictures.   Yes, folks would ask me to take pictures of this or that event,  but just photographing for the fun of it was starting to run dry.  I just couldn’t get motivated and would leave my camera at home.

Finally, something clicked again when I bought some pretty tulips at the grocery store.  I took a picture of the tulips.  The tulips were beautiful, and so was my picture!  Later that week, I went to an airshow that proved to be exciting and I captured a few more fun shots.  Last, I went out to the dock and found some birds to shoot.

Spring Tulips On My Table

Well, I am excited again about photography.  Am even  going to buy a Sigma 17 -70 F2.8-4 lens tomorrow!  It feels good.

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Marathon Morning…Going Fishing…….

The other day we had the good fortune to go fishing with Captain Jimmy on his fishing vessel, High Caliber. The seas were rough, but off we went determined to catch some fish in the early morning hours.


Waves and Splashes

As the good Lord granted, we caught black fin tuna and lots of Mangrove Snapper.


Welcome Aboard!

We were happy fishermen/women.

When we arrived back to the dock we learned that the Tiki Bar had a great chief, and if you “hooked ’em, he would cook ’em”.   So the next day, we took some tuna to him to fix for us for a special luncheon, and it was delicious!!! Good for the heart and the soul….Blackened Tuna That We Caught.jpg

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who needs to do something extraordinary.

I feel blessed for sure.

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The other day,  I had the good fortune of going to Merritt Island to photograph and attend several workshops at at the  Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville, Florida.  I was there from sunrise to sunset, and what a day it was!  One of my instructors, Milton Heiberg, mentioned that you need to love your subject more than your camera.  I have given this a lot of thought and see the wisdom in the words.

With those words in mind, I will share a few shots that I took while looking through my lens at subjects that I love.    The sunrise, sunset, and the birds: Spoonbills, American Avocets,  and White pelicans totally turned me on!  Ha ha..White Pelicans, Avocets and Spoonbills.......jpg

There is something to be said about loving your subject when photographing something.  When you love your subject,  it will show in your work, I think. I hope you can see the love I have for nature and joy that you can receive in just being there.  Thank you for stopping by to share the beauty with me.  Have a great day!

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Rainbow with Eagle Fly-By

The rainbow was blazing in the sky as I drove North on US 1,  South of Daytona, Florida. I had to stop to take a picture, so I pulled over.  Upon setting my camera`s focus on the rainbow, I noticed a lone bird flying toward the rainbow.  So, I waited until the bird crossed the colors in the sky.  Little did I know that the bird was an eagle until I had released the trigger on my camera.  When I saw the white head of the bird, I knew it was an eagle.  I felt “totally stoked” as the local surfers would say.  “Two for the price of one”,  a beautiful rainbow and an eagle.

Wowza, what a fine day!

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I read that if you are unhappy with your image, you are not close enough.  So, I came closer._MG_8303after....

By George, I think they are right!

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It happens to be St Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish is with me today.   I was driving through the Vera Wetlands around mid-day,  a mother raccoon and her three babies crossed our path and went into a green meadow across the road.  As luck would have it, I was there with my long lens on my camera. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watch the Mother raccoon escort her children to a safe area.   They had come out of their home which was a hole in a dead tree.Green -Racoons and Grass

The Mother raccoon gave her babies all her attention.  The little ones were obedient and fell right in line staying close to their Mom.  She picked up one with her teeth to help it along the way.

Mom and Babies  What an interesting experience to observe.  I felt like I had found a pot of gold in the green meadow because I was there.

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_MG_4545_edited-2On Thanksgiving Day, I was fortunate enough to have a few minutes to myself.

After walking my dog,  I noticed two Sandhill Cranes in a little pond water next to a hill.    I returned to the spot and sat with my 400 lens on my camera, and  sat on the grassy hill  watching the Sandhill Cranes with my long lens pointed in their direction. I didn’t seem to scare them.  It was so peaceful watching them.  I snapped a few pictures here and there.

What really amazed me was when the Cranes walked out of the water and up the hill to where I sat.  They didn’t seem to mind if I was there or not.  I was thrilled!  They actually got so close that I could not take their picture with my long lens.  Ha!  I couldn’t believe what was happening.

_MG_4568_edited-2                                                                  Foot and Beak.....

Anyway, that was the way I started my Thanksgiving and I was so thankful to have had a close encounter with the Sandhill Cranes.  Do you know what I mean?

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