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Our “New One” came home from the hospital in the same gown that my son came home in when he was born.  My Mom gave him the gown, and now his daughter wears it.  I bet my Mom is beaming in heaven.  The cycle continues and life does, too.   That is a good thing and really sweet in my book.  I wonder if “New One’s” baby will wear it one day?

Have a great day.


I read that if you are unhappy with your image, you are not close enough.  So, I came closer._MG_8303after....

By George, I think they are right!

Sand Surprise

Sand Sculpture....

Last weekend, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, had a sand sculpturing event. Folks were invited to make a sand sculptures.  All levels of artists participated.  The above image is one sculpture that caught my eye.   It was life size and amazing.

The sculpture was there for such a short time, just until the waves would destroy it and take it back unto the sea,  but because I saw it, I was enriched.  That is pretty neat in my book.  Just a thought along the way.


Courtney and Bike Courtney's Marker

Well, it is about love.  On Veterans Day, I think back to family heros and non family heros that gave everything for our country’s freedom.   Courtney was the youngest of two boys.  He loved the outdoors, riding his bike as you and I.  But when the country needed him, he signed up to be a bombardier on a B-27,   He lost is life giving his all  to our country for something he believed in ~”Freedom for all”.  His mother never accepted his death.  His brother continued the patriotic love of country  and  became another  patriotic hero,  a fighter pilot ace.  His sons contributed as their father did.   The bloodline continues with grandchildren helping our country..  Let us hope that our freedoms continue as well.

Thank you to all the Veterans out there.  Freedom isn`t not free.  God Bless America.

It happens to be St Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish is with me today.   I was driving through the Vera Wetlands around mid-day,  a mother raccoon and her three babies crossed our path and went into a green meadow across the road.  As luck would have it, I was there with my long lens on my camera. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watch the Mother raccoon escort her children to a safe area.   They had come out of their home which was a hole in a dead tree.Green -Racoons and Grass

The Mother raccoon gave her babies all her attention.  The little ones were obedient and fell right in line staying close to their Mom.  She picked up one with her teeth to help it along the way.

Mom and Babies  What an interesting experience to observe.  I felt like I had found a pot of gold in the green meadow because I was there.

Morning View,  Merritt Islnad

The other morning I rose early and went to Merritt Island.   I wasn’t disappointed.  The sun rose in all it`s glory above the water and mangrove bushes.

On the Track Spoonbill Fly By.....Birds on the Run.....

Birds were everywhere, doing what birds do.  Wildflowers delighted our very souls.


Happy days continued to roll as this one exploded with vigor and great joy!

Eye Protection

Eye Half Shut Eating a Bug...

A few months ago, I was sitting on a grassy hill watching a couple of Sandhill Cranes eating a snack.  They came so close to me that I could barely focus my camera on them.  I was amazed.  As I watched,  I noticed that one of the cranes had his eye partly closed.   I wondered if he was sick or tired.

Last evening I posted this shot on a wildlife forum and asked the question.  Was the crane sick or tired?   I got a variety of responses.  One person mentioned that the crane was not sick, but was using a third eyelid for protection which would be needed in such a close encounter with the grasses.  Someone else mentioned that it was called a, ” nictitating membrane”.

Then another fellow thought it was a wonderful experience to be so close to wildlife, and capturing such a close image with out the cranes being scared,   eyes closed or not.

I enjoyed these comments and learned something today.   I hope that you did, too.   Now, you know what a nictitating membrane is, incase you are like me and had never heard of this before.   (I wonder where I was when the teacher was discussing nictitating membranes in class.  Ha…I was obviously was not paying attention!)

The third fellow brought up an interesting thought about having a rare opportunity to be so close to nature.  Yes, indeed it was.   It was amazing to be part of their existence for a few short moments.   It was a rare treat for sure and I learned about bird eye protection as well.  How good is that!


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