It was 5:30 in the morning when we all met at the Orlando Wetlands located near Christmas, Florida.   We were gathering for the World Wide Photo Walk with our leader, Milton Heiberg, professional photographer of extraordinary talent and a helpful spirit.  Milton directed us to a wonderful place to watch the sun rise, and that we did.

Old Glory, WPW, October 11, 2014....

We were not disappointed in the beautiful Florida sunrise.  Across the Wetlands, the sun rose, and we were ready to point, shoot and capture some great sunrise images.

WWPW  It is About Reflections

After the sun rose, the birds did, too!

Morning At The Wetlands, WPW, October 11, 2014

Then it was time to say,  “Good-by” to a great adventure and a wonderful time spent with other photographers in a beautiful Florida setting.

My Orlando Wetlands images taken October 11, 2014 on the World Wide Photo Walk, better know as the Scott Kirby`s Worldwide Photo Walks.  This activity happens throughout the world in different locations.   Photo’s taken on the walks are shared if desired and compared.   It is a fun and interesting experience that I recommend to anyone interested in photography.

Rainbow with Eagle Fly-By

The rainbow was blazing in the sky as I drove North on US 1,  South of Daytona, Florida. I had to stop to take a picture, so I pulled over.  Upon setting my camera`s focus on the rainbow, I noticed a lone bird flying toward the rainbow.  So, I waited until the bird crossed the colors in the sky.  Little did I know that the bird was an eagle until I had released the trigger on my camera.  When I saw the white head of the bird, I knew it was an eagle.  I felt “totally stoked” as the local surfers would say.  “Two for the price of one”,  a beautiful rainbow and an eagle.

Wowza, what a fine day!

On a recent RV trip,  I had my camera cocked and ready to fire.  I was so darn excited about seeing the sights and capturing the perfect picture, that I just started shooting every beautiful sight that I saw.   What I got was a bunch of snapshots and not much else.  I either didn’t have the right lens on or I was shooting in the middle of the day which is a “no-no.  Well, it turned out to be a fresher course on how to use your camera…Don’t shoot in the middle of the day and think before you shoot.

What I learned was,  I’m an amateur who loves to take pictures.    What I learned was, I’ve got a lot to learn.  What I learned was,  I still love photography.  What I learned was, photography is about thinking, and it is a skill!  Heart and soul is an important ingredient, but you have to know how to use that camera and do the right thing when shooting!

House in the  Woods.....

Take for example the above image,  the field was so beautiful with the wildflowers growing, but they were blown out in the light when I tried to capture the image.  A tri pod would have helped.  I was using a ND filter but it didn’t help much in the light.

Anyway,  live and learn…There is always something in life that we need to do better, and photography is one of those things for me.   I will keep trying and loving it.

Thank you for stopping by.

Life Continues

Home From The Hospital in Daddy`s Arms_edited-1.jpg...

Our “New One” came home from the hospital in the same gown that my son came home in when he was born.  My Mom gave him the gown, and now his daughter wears it.  I bet my Mom is beaming in heaven.  The cycle continues and life does, too.   That is a good thing and really sweet in my book.  I wonder if “New One’s” baby will wear it one day?

Have a great day.


I read that if you are unhappy with your image, you are not close enough.  So, I came closer._MG_8303after....

By George, I think they are right!

Sand Surprise

Sand Sculpture....

Last weekend, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, had a sand sculpturing event. Folks were invited to make a sand sculptures.  All levels of artists participated.  The above image is one sculpture that caught my eye.   It was life size and amazing.

The sculpture was there for such a short time, just until the waves would destroy it and take it back unto the sea,  but because I saw it, I was enriched.  That is pretty neat in my book.  Just a thought along the way.


Courtney and Bike Courtney's Marker

Well, it is about love.  On Veterans Day, I think back to family heros and non family heros that gave everything for our country’s freedom.   Courtney was the youngest of two boys.  He loved the outdoors, riding his bike as you and I.  But when the country needed him, he signed up to be a bombardier on a B-27,   He lost is life giving his all  to our country for something he believed in ~”Freedom for all”.  His mother never accepted his death.  His brother continued the patriotic love of country  and  became another  patriotic hero,  a fighter pilot ace.  His sons contributed as their father did.   The bloodline continues with grandchildren helping our country..  Let us hope that our freedoms continue as well.

Thank you to all the Veterans out there.  Freedom isn`t not free.  God Bless America.


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